Sinister Exhaust

Sinister Exhaust - Proudly Manufactured in Australia to suit harsh Australian conditions.

Why Fit an Aftermarket Exhaust

Fitting an aftermarket exhaust will let your engine breathe, plain and simple. This will let your turbo spool quicker, giving you better engine response and typically more power and torque across the entire rev range.  In addittion, you will lower your EGT's (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) which is great when towing.


Built Tuff

Sinister Exhausts are designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Size Matters

3" and 3.5" systems available for most modern and old school 4wds

Get that Sinister Sound

With a range of muffler options,  you can specify the sound level you want for your vehicle.

409 Stainless Steel

We manufacture using 409 Stainless Steel which is the material of choice for most vehicle manufacturers because of its superior corrosion resistance and heat cycling ability to mild steel.  409 stainless has a greater carbon content than other grades of stainless and as such will be magnetic,  it will also oxidise and discolour without rusting through like mild steel.

Heavy Duty Brackets & Hangers

200 cell Diesel specific Catalytic Convertor

(Not required on DPF back systems)

Hand built Dump Pipes

(Not required on DPF back systems)

Double braided Flex Joints

Easy DIY Fitting

Sinister Exhausts are designed to be easy DIY fitting with common home tools.

5 Year On or Offroad Warranty





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