Sinister Power & Torque Combo

Want more Power & Torque from your diesel 4wd???

Tuning your engine is the key to improving efficiencies and ultimately producing more Power and Torque. There is a couple of methods of tuning to consider, both methods with modify the vehicle's factory "Tune" by altering Fuel, Boost & Injector Duration but achieve it by vastly different methods - 1. Remapping will essentially update for your ECU's software in the Fuel, Boost & Injection tables,   & 2. Tuning Modules are a physcial device which modify Fuel, Boost & Injection post ECU.

No doubt about it, a Remap done properly on a Dyno will achieve better results than any Tuning Module, the down side can be that your Dealership can wipe the "Tune" if they do an update, any you can't DIY put it back to STD if you need to. Tuning Modules on the otherhand are physical devices that you can be easily removed if needed to for fault finding or warranty issues.

Regardless of the tuning method, once you get more fuel & air into the engine you need to improve the flow of burnt gases with an upgraded exhaust. 

Sinister Offroad is all about DIY,  so our Sinister Power & Torque Combos are designed for the average guy or gal with basic hand tools do install these kits at home in the driveway. 

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