TR+ Throttle Controller

Get more RESPONSE from your 4wd with the TR+ Throttle Controller from Direction Plus!

The All New TR+ Throttle Controller from Direction-Plus™ is a compact unit that is fixed to the driver’s dash, allowing easy access to adjust settings. This unit will increase throttle response by adjusting the signal sent to the vehicles ECU and eliminating throttle lag on accelerator, giving you instantly more response!

Customisable Settings

The TR+ Throttle Controller has six driving modes, each with nine customised settings that gives the driver the ability to finely tune their vehicle’s accelerator to suit their personal driving preferences. The TR+ has been designed to ensure a high quality product that is suited specially to 4×4 vehicles, with modes such as CRAWL and BEAST.


With an easy installation, the TR+ can be fitted to both diesel and petrol vehicles in less than 5 minutes! The Direction-Plus™ TR+ Throttle Control utilises all factory plugs so there is no cutting or rewiring necessary.

What's Included

Each TR+ Throttle Controller comes complete with the TR+ Unit plus a vehicle specific wiring harness.

Fitment Guide


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