Always demand genuine Roadsafe Tow Points! Roadsafe Tow Points are FEA Tested during design and Destruction tested during development to establish Working Load Limits.

Tow Points have been designed as matched pairs, supplied in LH/RH for vehicle specific fitment. Your purchase will include high tensile bolts and any additional vehicle specific mounting hardware required to ensure secure fitment to vehicles. Correct fitment of these components is critical for your and others personal safety.

Each pair of Tow Points is supplied with vehicle specific fitment instructions. These instructions should be followed during fitment to ensure all steps are taken for correct installation, so when required, the points will be at their optimum Working Load Limit (WLL) as stamped. Tow point fitting instructions can be found here.

Always use Tow Points as a matched pair with an equalising bridle. Failure to use tow points correctly can result in Tow Point fatigue and bending and voiding your warranty. Never use a single point combined with a side load/pull.

Tow Points have been designed on vehicles without Bull Bars. In some circumstances, the bull bar mounting bolts/brackets may utilise the same chassis holes that are utilised for Tow Point fitment. Most of the time, there is a fix around this - however, in some instances where Bull Bars have been fitted, it precludes the opportunity to fit the Tow Points without major modifications. 

Additionally, if a bull bar is fitted, modifications might be required to the bar bracket, and additional hardware might be required (longer bolts etc.) To facilitate fitment. As there are so many combinations and potential bar model combinations, we are unable to include every potential bolt required in the kit – this would make the kits ridiculously expensive. We have supplied the kits with the bolt options identified to suit the majority of applications. Unfortunately, if your vehicle/bar/tow point combination falls outside of those applications, you will have to purchase additional bolts (from a local bolt barn or similar) to suit your required application. We recommend grade 8.8 or higher and tightening to appropriate bolt torque specs.

It is the Tow Points themselves as supplied that have been tested to the WLL advised. It is at the vehicle owner’s discretion for fitment, ensuring that the chassis is adequately designed, constructed and rated to suit this application.

These Tow Points have been designed and tested for straight-line pull. The Tow Points have not been tested for lifting purposes and should not be used for lifting. The forces applied to differ between lifting and straight-line pull-type recoveries. HD Tow Point compatible with Hilux/Fortuner (GUN) 15-On - Pair - Aust Design Reg 202013443

Click Here For Fitting Instructions

Brand Roadsafe

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