79 Series V8 Single / Dual Cab Ute

The current line up of 70 series Toyota Landcruisers look like they have been around for a while,  and that's because they have. In fact they can trace their heritage back to the 75 series ute of the 80's and 90's,  which eventually updated into the 6cyl powered 79 series ute.  In 2007, Toyota release the 4.5ltr V8 Turbo Diesel powered 79 Series utes,  originally available in just the Single Cab version,  the Dual Cab model didn't arrive in 2012. The Landcruiser Utes have long been popular with Australian farmers,  but the V8 powered 79's have become the weapon of choice for 4wders and Tourers.  Modifications to the 79's are only limited by your imagination.

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