Is your Diesel Engine a ticking time bomb?

Author: Big Jeff  Date Posted:16 July 2019 

Is your Diesel Engine a ticking time bomb??

WARNING- The following information contains graphic images that could shock and distress a modern diesel owner.

Modern diesel engines are fairly sophisticated bits of gear, they make more power from less capacity than ever before,  as well as meeting stringent emission requirements.

In order to comply with the emission requirements, these engines run various “Anti Pollution” systems to reduce exhaust emissions. One of these systems is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) which allows a portion of exhaust gas to recirculate back into the intake side of the engine to be re-combusted, which reduces the amount of harmful gas that is released into the atmosphere. Obviously this good for the environment.

Problem is... These engines breathe heavy, causing a build up of pressure in the crankcase.  The Positive Crankcase Ventilation system (PCV) releases this pressure by allowing oil vapour back into the intake to be burned in the combustion process.

So we have Hot Exhaust Gas and Oil Vapour combining in the intake manifold, that doesn’t sound good. It’s not good at all,  in fact it is down right NASTY!  Over time,  that mix of sooty exhaust particles and oil vapour carbonizes and forms a sticky mess that will keep building and building like cholesterol in your arteries. Now with reduced airflow, your engine is starving for clean air, it will be down on power, using more fuel, blowing excessive exhaust smoke, have increased Exhaust Gas Temps (EGT’S) and heading straight for catastrophic engine failure.

VDJ79 Intake Manifold Carbon Build Up

So….. What is the Solution?

The first thing any Diesel Owners needs to do is fit a quality Oil Catch Can as soon as possible. This will dramatically reduce the amount of oil vapour that enters the intake of the engine.  Without the oil vapour in the intake,  the soot particles won’t have anything to grab onto.

Secondly, If your vehicle is already feeling sluggish and down on power,  or using excessive fuel and blowing excessive smoke, invest in a professional Intake Carbon Clean.

Sinister Offroad use and recommend Direction Plus - ProVent Oil Catch Cans. These kits come with vehicle specific mounting brackets and hoses for an easy DIY fit. For a full list of kits click here! or search your vehicle in our product finder.

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